Hyper-growth doesn't come easy
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Recruitment scoop
133 hires in 10 months
Project overview

Hyper-growth doesn't come easy. How do we get over 200 people to join a startup with just 50 people and no employer brand? We designed and embedded a hiring machine that would also lay the fundaments for a simple and effective employer brand. We were tasked with identifying a new DNA and build distinctive talent assets that would convert in hires, ignite a pioneering spirit, challenge the category norm without losing the founders’ credibility in the HealthTech industry.

We flew in a team of recruiters and recruitment marketeers. Some numbers we're proud of:

+ Over 200 hires (60% from marketing campaigns)
+ Reduced time to hire from 68 to 36 days
+ Increased conversion from 4% to 15%
+ Upped inbound qualified applicants
+ Lowered the cost-per-hire to 6.500 euro
+ Full Greenhouse [ATS] implementation
+ Increased referrals with 30%

The recruitment marketing campaigns were super catchy and attracted great engineers.
Technology Lead at QuinVladimir Korenkov