Our clients don’t just hire us to get cv's, they hire us for growth. They hire us because we look at recruitment challenges as opportunities. Whether it’s the war on talent, the great resignation, or competing with big tech, we see problems as opportunities in work clothes #badumtss

Scan & strategize

Talent mapping

Salary benchmark

Growth strategies

Strategy is at the core of all our work. Research and data underpin our hiring, allowing for targeted, informed, and creative approaches to reaching passive candidates. Whether seeking to fast-scale your team, build-out your employer brand, increase diversity, lower your hiring costs, or gain a competitive advantage, our talent experts will develop the best strategy to help you walk the talk.

They surprised me, with creativity and with how quickly they unraveled the truth behind our talent challenges. They’ve helped us triple in size, in 18 months.

Richard Straver, Founder at OPP

Recruit & hire

Embedded recruitment (RPO)

ATS implementation

Training & workshops

Building the plan around your hiring needs is the easy part. The real work begins when it’s time to recruit. Depending on your hiring needs, we embed a (fractional) senior recruiter fully adopting your brand identity. We really get to know your business, help build it and grow your teams along the way. We recruit and promote under your name - using your systems and accounts.

These guys are crazy-effective. They take you beyond what you should sound or look like. They cut the bullsh*t and deliver effective, authentic messaging.

Marloes Mantel, People Director InShared

Build & brand

Job copywriting

Career page design

Employer Branding

The challenge is not to attract lots of candidates. It's about attracting the right candidates. Our talent brand specialists will identify what really differentiates you as an employer to help you build an honest and ambitious employer brand. We leverage those insights to build attractive, expressive and memorable career pages, awesome job descriptions, all fully integrated with your ATS.

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