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How To Attract Talent With Only 500 Bucks

Words from Marleen

The cost of hiring is arguably one of the most expensive parts of running your startup. But, just because you have a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of bang for your buck. There are plenty of affordable things that can help you attract talent.

The power
of simple.

Post smarter, not harder.
Advertising your job on job boards is the first step to attracting qualified candidates. Job boards are still the number 1 source of hires for most companies. And they’re free. Let’s repeat that. It’s free. Make sure to post, delete and repost your jobs every 2 weeks on sites like Indeed, LinkedIn and Google for Jobs.

Fan-tastic facebook.
If you have a Facebook or LinkedIn business page you will benefit quickly from their fan-targeted advertising. You pay per click and investments can be capped to suit your individual budget. Some social media platforms even allow you to hyper-target employees who work at your competitors #letsgo

Sharing is caring.
One of the most effective marketing tools in recruitment is social media. Depending on your industry and type of jobs there are a number of channels which can be taken advantage of at zero cost. Let’s keep in mind that 62 percent of job seekers are using social media to engage and consume content about jobs.

Hire us a copywriter
What this means is simple: focus on the message. Who writes your job descriptions? If you read it right now: is your job copy engaging and memorable? Just find a journalism student, content writer or freelance copywriter to build a creative job grid. One job description should cost you about 500 bucks including feedback loops and translations.

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