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4 signs you’re ready to re-employer-brand

Words from Shara

Every employer brand will have to redefine itself at some point. Sometimes your career page gets outdated or your job copy needs to address talent in a different way. Maybe your recruitment rates are dropping like flies and you’re trying to figure out why. Whatever the reason. If these top 4 indicators sound familiar, then it’s definitely time to refresh:

Better be different,
not sorry.

1. Your talent communications don’t stand out

Be honest: if you covered up your logo on your career site right now, would people still recognize you? If not, it's time to claim your spot with a fresh look and feel. If you don't show people who you are as an employer and why you matter, there's no reason for them to stop and take the time to get to know you and your jobs.

2. You are not getting enough applicants

Or maybe, you aren’t getting the right applicants. Either way data doesn’t lie. If you’re struggling to find candidates that you really want to interview, your talent brand might not be connecting. If you aren’t communicating to the right people, it might be time for a rebrand.

3. Your referral rates are dropping

It’s no secret – employee referrals are the best source of new hires. Afterall, good people know good people. If you see your referral rates drop, your people might need better toolkits to pick it up again.

4. You can’t pitch your business in one sentence.

Your talent brand is much more than a cool career page in Recruitee. It’s more than sharing your benefits. Or core values. It's about visually and verbally communicating what makes you stand out. It’s a practical set of tools used every day by everyone in your company and one of the most important tools is your pitch. Ask around, if your colleagues are telling different stories, it’s about time to get your communications in order.

Remember, your talent brand is constantly evolving, so try to tell your story in the most honest, simple, and powerful way possible. Your team and future hires will thank you for it!

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